Monday, April 13, 2009

The future?

These last few days, both me and Katie have sort of neglected our inworld existance, because of our real lives. That was mostly caused by the three F's: family, friends and fun. Easter and work had a little to do with it, too.
That neglecting has caused mixed reactions from those who have been with us from the beginning, I'm sure they hoped - as we did - that Vida could work better and be more crowded. Well, things have not worked that way.
Still, we did not intend to cause any inconvenience or problem to any of our staff who, like us, have real lives... and a second life. And assigned tasks.
A resignation e-mail has reached my hands today (yesterday). Which means we will have one less DJ now. One other DJ, is nowhere to be seen, even by his partner, and hasn't given word of his whereabouts for a few days now. He was left playing his set all alone, in his weekly performance, and reacted to it, but so far I haven't been able to get in touch with him.
Now, I am not giving bad or pitiful excuses to anybody. We have only one excuse avaliable, and it should be more than enough: Real Life. It happens and unfolds, sometimes. I hope you comprehend it.
As I hope you comprehend that Club Vida has now reached its point of no return. Not just because of this. Some recent events have contributed to an outcome, whichever it will be. Me and Katie will decide upon what to do in short notice. Still, I would like to hear all your opinions, Staff or not, DJ or not. So, we'll get in touch with you, after we talk about this in a serious manner. Most of all, Club Vida has turned into an expensive hobby, and we haven't seen enough smiles in return.
IMSO, I am looking forward to read your point of view on this matter. I hope you manage to write (again) the words you left unwritten, they would most certainly be wise, and your opinion taken into account and appreciated.
As for our staff and DJ's, please, expect a word from us soon. We still don't know which word it will be. I can just thank you all for your time and your work and your help and your pacience and your music and your dancing and your hosting... and your presence. Enjoy your lifes, both of them, when and while you can.
Don't worry... Be happy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Modernisation or Abandonment?

Last night, poor Aggio was banned from ViDa! Sometimes, not owning your own land raises issues and the landlady was saying we hadn't paid the tier. Once it was proven we had, she recinded and finally allowed him in. I was allowed in because I am not the landowner, he is.

BUT, once again, Freddyx played some excellent music, Sonya danced the night away, and Aggio and I stood about, jumped on a poseball, and then went off to order books, update websites and various other jobs, because there is only so much talking to ourselves we can do, and guests were just non existant.

We did discuss Vida's future though, and even despite the sponsorship from one of SL's top designers, we agreed that it is just not working. We are now looking at what to do for the best. Should we redesign? some clubs do have a huge membership, so we are going wrong somewhere. Should we just play the radio and have spasmodic parties? should we aim at a whole new market? or should we just forget the whole thing and save the, not inconsiderable, costs.

We will have a staff meeting very soon which can be held via the group IM, and all suggestions will be welcomed and considered.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Prizes

Ladies, we have another outfit up for grabs.

This one is so new Tanya does not yet have a photograph, so I will wear mine this evening just so you can see what it is like. Rules will be the same as the previous post.

Also, remember, if there is a particular outfit from Tanya Matahari that you would like to have as a prize, just let us know and it will be added to the prize list.

Guys, what would YOU like as a prize? Let us know and we will see what can be done.

See you all tonight!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Despite SL not allowing many to catch the taxi to the club last night, or even being able to open the information notecard that BlueAngel so kindly sent out, the outfit was still given as a prize.

As there was no time to set up the raffle ball (and as, with the way SL was behaving, it would likely not have worked anyway) the prize was drawn by number, and the winner was Sonya Westland.

Congratulations Sonya!

There will be further prizes from Tanya Matahari, one each week, to be won for club members. Take a look at her display on the first floor of the club.

Details of each will be announced on the evening.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tanya Matahari.

Tanya is a well known SL designer of ladieswear who has just agreed to sponsor Clube VIDA!

This means that, every week, there will be one of Tanya's outfits to be won for group members. The nights will vary, as will the prizes, but they will all be of L$400 value or more, starting this week with a huge package, as seen above.

Azafran is an 11 piece versatile set, a complete outfit including shoes.

For your chance to win, just turn up at the VIDA event tomorrow and wear your VIDA tag
(or join the group and then wear it).

Guys, she will even make this transfer, so you can win a gift for your lady!
There will be gifts for men over the next few weeks too, so join us tomorrow
(Wednesday 4th February) at 22.0h SL time.

Monday, January 26, 2009


The club seems to have taken over our lives, and also caused some upset with friends. That is not what it is about, and not what we wanted it to be.

Compromises are needed, and discussions. Nothing is worth losing friendships or relationships for!

There have been changes to the itinerary, and there are likely to be more, I will keep you informed here, and here

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Because of what happened on Friday, the club being close to empty, we decided to reschedule our weeks. So, we quit Fridays, it's just not worth it. Therefore, our weeks, from now on, will be like this:

Tuesdays, 2 - 4 PM SLT
Metal Nights with DJ Electro

Wednesdays, 2 - 4 PM SLT
Noches Latinas with DJ Freddyx

Thursdays, 2 - 4 PM SLT
Dance Nights with DJ Clad

Saturdays, 3 - 5.30 PM SLT
Rock Nights with DJ Imso

We hope you keep on coming and enjoy the rescheduling.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Last night

Last night was wonderful, with Freddyx's latino tunes. People kept coming and going, so we managed to have a good crowd all the time. And the night lasted even longer - thank you for that, Freddy - because it was our lovely dancer Sonya's Rezzday. Congratulations, Sonya! Everybody had fun, and the last survivors were me and Katie, dancing alone, chattering, enjoying each other. It seems the thematic nights formula is working. Thank you everyone, for coming over.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To any vendor interested

We have room in our club for you to advertise your store, at a reasonable price. Just IM me, Aggio Piaggio or Katie Usher, or leave a comment. Thank you!

Hostess needed!!!

Yes, we are in dire need of a hostess for Club Vida, to work on Friday, January 30. If you enjoy the idea and wish to earn some lindens, or know somebody who does, please leave us your comment or IM Katie Usher and Aggio Piaggio while inworld. Thank you!